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Shamanism is a way of living in the world, both consciously and whole-heartedly. It is a practice of learning to see and to hear with the heart, to speak and to act from the heart. Shamanism is grounded in the idea of interconnection, that we are never alone, and that the very act of living inherently ties us to a limitless web of connection and support.

Shamanism is a practice which dates back over thousands of years and can be traced along the roots of most known cultures. While specific practices of shamanism vary depending on culture, land, and era, what is common among most of these practices is that they are centered around listening to the guidance of the universe. By connecting with helping spirits who can take the form of nature spirits, elements, ancestors, animals, and guardians, we learn to follow the path of direct revelation - hearing the messages that are most salient for us as individuals living in the place and time we find ourselves.

Shamanic healing sessions are unique and individualized as there are multiple healing methods utilized based on need. Both the client and the practitioner work together, with spiritual allies, to gain an understanding of which healing method would be of most benefit during the session. What a shamanic healing session looks like is different for each client and can vary every time. Sometimes the healing comes in the form of a teaching that helps the client to connect with their guides or higher self. Or it may show up as inspiration for a personal ritual for renewal, self-care, or release of heavy emotions. Sometimes the practitioner uses shamanic practices such as illumination or extraction (to remove heavy, incompatible energies from the energy body), or soul retrieval (to re-integrate a part of the self that previously “separated” from the conscious body).

Regardless of the form the healing takes, shamanic practices can bring us into deeper communion with ourselves, our communities, and the natural world, uncovering what is wounded and showing us that there is always a possibility for healing. Through shamanic practices we can enter more fully into being alive. We can call back our power and choose to live in beauty, presence, and wisdom.